• How to distinguish expansion tube materials

    1. First, we pinch the expansion tube by hand. If the expansion tube is easily deformed or even cracked, it proves that the expansion tube may be a recycled material of PP or PE. 2. Burn with fire (lighters are fine): When When nylon is burned, it will give off a smell similar to burnt hair or wool or pig hair. When PP or PE and some recycled materials are burned, it will give off the smell of petroleum or paraffin. And nylon burning materials will foam after burning, PP Or PE does not. It should be noted that some unscrupulous manufacturers will add nylon membrane to the outside of the PP or PE expansion tube, so that it will emit a smell similar to burnt wool or pig hair when burned. Therefore, it is best for us to also Try the third method. 3. The specific gravity of nylon material is slightly larger than that of water, while the specific gravity of PP and PE is smaller than that of water. So nylon expansion tube will sink in water, while pure raw material PP or PE will float on the water. Need to pay attention However, some manufacturers will add recycled materials or recycled powder in order to save costs. In summary, if the expansion tube is hard and tough, it smells like charred hair or wool or pig hair when burned, bubbles after dripping, and sinks in water, then the product is a nylon material. 1. If there is any discrepancy, the product is most likely not nylon. In addition, no matter when you buy nylon or PP/PE expansion pipes, don’t just pay attention to the price. Because some manufacturers’ sizes will be smaller than the marked specifications, and even the quantity will be less (1000 written on the package, but the actual may only 800). These are things to be aware of

  • How to distinguish the quality of cable ties

    The quality of the cable tie depends on the purity of the polypropylene of the strap. There are many types of straps on the market: pure polypropylene, polypropylene with master batch, polypropylene with recycled materials, and polypropylene with recycled materials. And masterbatch. The packing belt produced by pure polypropylene is fully transparent, the packing belt produced by polypropylene plus masterbatch is translucent, the packing belt produced by polypropylene plus recycled materials is basically opaque, and the packing belt produced by polypropylene plus masterbatch and recycled materials is basically opaque. Completely opaque. There is also a packing belt made of fully recycled materials and calcium carbonate powder sandwich materials. The packing belts produced from completely recycled materials are relatively soft. Only the surface of the sandwich material is the raw material, and the rest are calcium carbonate powder (lime powder). The quality of the cable tie depends on the purity of the polypropylene. The higher the purity of the polypropylene, the better the tension of the strapping.


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